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The media have led many to believe that there is a concept of common law husband and wife. There is no such concept in law. People who live together are known as cohabitees. Under the current law cohabitees have limited rights regardless of how long they have lived together. It is imperative that if you are a cohabitee (live-in partner), that you obtain sensible advice from us about what rights you do have. Cohabitees do not have the same rights as spouses and civil partners and have no right to maintenance for themselves, lump sums or inheritance claims on the death of their partner.

The expert Divorce and Family Lawyers at Lloyd Platt & Co, are happy and able to give advice on:

Cohabitation agreements before you move in with your partner to deal with issues such as who will have the property in the event of the breakdown of your relationship
How payment made towards bills, food, mortgage etc will be treated. Will this give you a claim in the house or not?
In some cases cohabitation agreements may exclude any claims regardless of monies paid
What is the effect of you and your partner buying a property together and how will the signing of the document for your property, as joint tenants, impact if you later end your cohabitation
Cohabitation Solicitors
The law in relation to cohabitees is a minefield and it is imperative that you consider how you will be affected if the relationship ends.

If you have children together you will need advice on whether or not the other parent has parental responsibility.

Lloyd Platt & Co was responsible for the groundbreaking case of Re: P (A Child) which set out the parameters for claims for a home or carers allowance for cohabitees (live-in partners) in the event that the relationship ends. Is this case relevant to you and if so, how will it be applied?

Cohabitees (live-in partners) do not have automatic rights to pensions. How can you deal with this if you do not wish to marry?

Lloyd Platt & Co can advise in relation to a Will or recommend a Trust Deed in relation to property interests.

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