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You will no doubt have seen a lot in the media about mediation and the emphasis that the government and courts place on this. Divorce mediation is a process that can help some couples find a solution to their difficulties.

Mediation should not be mistaken for counselling.  It is not the job of a lawyer to counsel and if you do require counselling this firm has a list of recommended counsellors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists or those who are able to assist with any specific problems. The purpose of mediation is to help reach practical decisions in relation to finances or children which is acceptable to both of you.

There are different forms of mediation such as co-mediation where each of you will sit with your own mediator and come together for decisions to be made. Sole mediation where you both sit together and share a mediator whose job it is to try to assist you with your negotiations. It is not the role of a mediator to impose a decision on you that is the role of a Judge if you cannot agree.

Mediation is not suitable for everyone. We do not recommend mediation where there has been domestic violence or one partner is so controlling of the other that there is an imbalance of power in the relationship.

Mediation is particularly useful where there is an impasse over decisions regarding the children or finances and both parties have received full legal advice. We do offer mediation to our clients and are happy to discuss whether it is suitable for your case.

Mediation is not to be confused with the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAMS) which is now an obligatory step to be considered before any financial application can be issued by the court. The purpose of a MIAMS mediator is to advise on various forms of mediation and whether mediation is suitable in the case before allowing matters to proceed through the court.

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