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Vanessa Lloyd Platt is the proprietor of Lloyd Platt & Co which firm represents many celebrities in the world of television, radio and entertainment as well as Judges and MPs. The firm also represents men and women from all walks of life.

Vanessa Lloyd Platt was born and educated in London. She graduated from University College London with a LLB (Hons) in Law after initially studying Philosophy. She completed her training in the legal profession with a media orientated practice in Central London, dealing with matrimonial and criminal work.

She opened her specialist matrimonial practice, Lloyd Platt & Co in 1992 from which time the firm has rocketed. Each successful case has added to her client base.  The firm has been involved in several leading and ground breaking divorce and cohabitation cases and continues to campaign about many important family issues including Fathers rights for contact and pushing for changes in the law relating to cohabitation and the law relating to pre and post nuptial agreements.

Vanessa Lloyd Platt has two children and six grandchildren. Her eldest son Michael works in IT Risk and Cyber Security and Gary is a lawyer with the firm and an integral part of the practice.

Vanessa regularly appears as an expert contributor on “Good Morning Britain”, “BBC Breakfast”, “The Right Stuff” “Alan Titchmarsh” and “Sky News”.  She regularly appears on news and current affairs programmes for Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV and BBC.  In addition, she contributes to regional television programmes and radio broadcasts including LBC, Radio 4 and BBC radio stations across Britain.  She also can be heard on radio broadcasts in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Her first media client was Lady Bienvenida Buck, thereafter known as Countess Bienvenida Sokolov. This notorious and much reported case took her to the headlines of the tabloids and broadsheets where she has remained ever since in relation to successive clients or comments on legal points of current interest.  Her other clients have included Anne Diamond, Les Dennis, Bridget Rowe, Fiona Wright and Dr Hilary Jones, as well as a succession of pop stars, models, footballers, sports personalities and presenters.

Her first piece of journalism appears in the Daily Mail in 1995, since which time she has and continues to contribute to many daily newspapers.  She wrote a column for the Daily Mail for year and a half known as “The Relationship Doctor”. She regularly contributes to the Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror, and the Daily Express and as an expert providing newspaper articles and features across the spectrum. Her particular brand of journalism, which blends common sense and humour with legal facts have made her an expert of choice by the media.

In January 2001 her book “Secrets of Relationship Success” was published by Vermillion and has now become a best seller.

She appeared as a presenter on “Made for Each Other”, a ground breaking Channel 4 production which was first screened in February 2003. Together with leading Psychologist, Malcolm Stern, she observed couples filmed in their homes, and gave them advice to improve their relationships. This series was very successful and the second series was screened in September 2004.

Vanessa also appeared alongside Paris Hilton in her “British Best Friend” TV programme as a Judge to assist her in coming to this decision.

Vanessa was involved in the 30 Minutes” series for Channel 4 in relation to cohabitation and has participated and continues to do so in relation to many documentaries.   During 2008 she was the roving reporter for GMTV’s coverage of Paul and Heather McCartney’s divorce case as well as reporting for NBC, CBS, ABC News and many other channels.  Similarly, she reported extensively during the coverage of Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s divorce and is regularly seen as the leading contributor regarding high profile divorces as well as interesting family points of law.

Her expertise is to take complex legal points and explain them in simplistic terms to members of the public.

In 2009 she starred in the film “London Tango” demonstrating how professionals can change their lives through dance and has now become a worldwide success. The DVD of the film has been released.

In December 2009 Lloyd Platt & Co invented the Divorce Voucher creating a worldwide first and a global phenomenon.  The Divorce Voucher provided third parties, for the first time with an opportunity to buy legal advice for an hour or half an hour for the friends and family to allow them the opportunity to know their rights and understand their legal position. The Vouchers have become extremely successful and have now entered into daily life. These Vouchers have started a trend of providing services throughout the service industry worldwide. In January 2011 Lloyd Platt & Co announced the release of Prenuptial Vouchers for Valentine Day and beyond for 2011. These have already provided popular and highlight the issues surrounding prenuptial agreements.

Vanessa also appeared in January 2011 with Vanessa Feltz on her new show to discuss the subject of prenuptial agreements and on the BBC Sunday “The Big Question” to debate various issues.

In October 2013 she was voted Family Law Commentator of the Year and as part of the team has continued to win awards both on an individual basis from the Law Magazine, ACQ and Livewire, as well as being part of the team awards for Leading Divorce Firm of the Year. She has appeared in the Super Lawyer List for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016. Vanessa is spearheading a campaign for grandchildren’s rights to have grandparents in their lives.

Vanessa Lloyd Platt is currently writing a cookery book with a leading cordon bleu chef and caterer as a result of the success of the “Recipe page” on the website. This book will have a very new and interesting theme and will be published in the next year.

Professional Societies: The Family Law Association (now known as Resolution); Member of the Family Law Panel; Mediator with the MA; and Member of the Law Society.

Her hobbies are: Swimming, writing, journalism, theatre, cooking, dancing and regularly entertaining family and friends.

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