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Prenuptial Agreement Solicitors

Award-winning Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement Solicitors in London


Your children’s needs are a priority. Prior to marrying or entering into a civil partnership, many couples consider whether they require a pre-nuptial agreement. Lloyd Platt & Co can give you the best legal advice regarding the effect and enforcement of your postnuptial and prenuptial agreements so that you can make decisions to secure future situations. See also our information on the world’s first Pet Nup here, developed by Lloyd Platt in partnership with Blue Cross.

Court-Recognised Prenuptial Agreements

Whilst pre-nuptial agreements are not strictly legally binding the courts do take them into consideration as part of the overall circumstances of the case. The agreement is likely to hold more weight if:

  • You have both had independent legal advice from prenuptial agreement lawyers.
  • You have both made full and frank disclosure of your finances to each other.
  • There has been no undue pressure on either of you to enter into the pre-nuptial agreement.
  • There are no other factors to make it unfair.

Prenuptial Contracts

The essence of a pre-nuptial agreement is to set out what both of you agree should happen in relation to your finances and/or the children in the event that your relationship breaks down. In the event that you subsequently separate the court will consider all the circumstances and decide what is fair. The court will exercise their discretion as to the extent to which the agreement will be taken into account. Pre-nuptial agreements are becoming much more popular and are being given more weight following the case of Radmacher v Granatino.

Postnuptial agreements

A post nuptial agreement is an agreement made by parties after the marriage or civil partnership and is much more likely to be taken into account particularly where all of the circumstances are known and unlikely to change.

Contact our Prenuptial Agreement Solicitors in London

For legal advice from some of London’s best prenuptial agreement lawyers, please fill in our online enquiry form, call us on 0208 343 2998 or click here to contact us.

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