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Lloyd Platt & Co can help grandparents in resolving disputes over seeing their grandchildren. These difficulties can arise either through family disputes, divorce, separation etc but can be devastating both to grandparents and grandchildren alike. We offer a process to help grandparents and parents in coming to a sensible resolution over the division of time and all issues surrounding this.

Whilst formal mediations have failed around the country, Lloyd Platt & Co are offering a new style of help in an informal setting that has proved extremely successful in reaching sensible and happy outcomes. The process is in a controlled and safe setting but nevertheless allows all parties a chance to speak and air their views, but in a manner, that promotes successful results as opposed to the expense and trauma of court proceedings.

The structure of the process is that both parents and grandparents agree to submit to a process whereby each of the grandparents and parents certify that they will agree to attend up to a maximum of six sessions at Lloyd Platt & Co with a view to resolving the issues concerning contact by the grandparents to the grandchildren.

  1. In so doing, each party agrees that the costs will either be met equally or by one or other of the parties.
  1. That during the sessions each party will undertake to treat the others with respect including the language used to each other and will allow each an opportunity to be heard.
  1. That they agree that they wish to resolve the issues in a safe environment and will not use the sessions in any way to further damage the situation and will put the interests of the children/grandchildren at the centre of the discussions.
  1. That the agreement will be drawn up into a Deed of Agreement with costs to be shared equally or to be met by one or the other as agreed. These agreements will known be as “Successful Outcome Agreements”.

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To learn more about our help for grandparents service, contact either Vanessa Lloyd Platt or Cara Roberts on 0208 343 2998 or by email on

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