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Lloyd Platt & Co is one of the leading family law firms and divorce solicitors in London. We pride ourselves upon our caring approach to all of our clients. Going through the divorce process, can be a stressful experience for both the parties and the wider family. At Lloyd Platt & Co we identify the most efficient strategy to make what can be difficult process easier. There is always a solution.

One of the UK’s Leading Family & Divorce Firms – Experts in Family Law for over 30 years

We will discuss with every client the available options and agree which approach to adopt. If the court process is undertaken, Lloyd Platt & Co have the necessary legal expertise and experience to produce a good outcome.

The London practice was started in 1992 by Vanessa Lloyd Platt. The firm has grown to be one of the leading family and divorce firms in the country. Our reputation has been built on years of sound legal advice, successful negotiation and reported cases.

A Specialist Range of Services

Our specific expertise as a leading London family and divorce solicitors can be found here. All of our team of family, collaborative, divorce lawyers and mediators at Lloyd Platt & Co are experts in their areas and are highly experienced. Each of the team has their own speciality which have promoted the firm as being a first choice for clients in the London area and nationwide as well as internationally.

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