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Harassment and Domestic Violence Lawyers London

Harassment and Domestic Violence Lawyers London

Victims of domestic violence find it extremely difficult to confide in others and in many cases their unhappiness can continue for many years. Victims may find themselves isolated wishing that they had someone to talk to not knowing where to go.

Lloyd Platt & Co specialise in dealing with protection from harassment and domestic violence in a sensitive and considered manner. If required we can make immediate application to the court for orders for non molestation, which can stop a party from using or threatening violence or being abusive, harassing or pestering you.

Our top domestic violence lawyers can also apply for occupation orders which mean that the other party can be ousted from the house or parts of the house. This can apply even if you are a cohabitee (live in partner) and the other person owns the house. If you are considering such applications it is important that you contact us quickly so that we can discuss with you all aspects of this to include:-

If your partner is to be ousted from the home the interim provision that you should have if they go
How the bills will be paid
How the children should be informed about any proceedings
How contact should be dealt with
At Lloyd Platt & Co we want you to know, you are not alone and we will be with you every step of the way to help. We will also assist you in rebuilding your self esteem that may have been damaged by the ongoing harassment or domestic violence that you may have experienced, by referring you to counsellors, if appropriate.

Contact our Domestic Violence Lawyers in London
To make an enquiry please fill in our form, call us on 0208 343 2998 or click to contact our London-based team of domestic violence and harassment lawyers.

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