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On a breakdown of marriage or civil partnership, decisions have to be made over the welfare of any children. Often making these decisions can be difficult and painful. Sometimes we refer you to other counselling agencies to assist you in making these decisions.

Parental Responsibility Considerations

Parental Responsibility is either inherent or can be acquired. Parental Responsibility involves the capacity to make decisions about a child’s upbringing and welfare. These can include such matters as:

  • Where the children should live
  • With whom the children should live
  • Where the children should go to school
  • What name the children should be given
  • Whether the children should go abroad
  • Whether the children are brought up with certain religious beliefs
  • What medical treatment the children should have

Child Custody Court Orders

  • Residence Orders – Decide with whom any of the children shall live.  This can result in a Shared Residence Order
  • Contact Order – Set out how often and when the non resident parent spends time with the children
  • Specific issue orders – These ask the court to decide issues in connection with any aspect of Parental Responsibility for a child
  • Prohibited steps order – To prevent particular steps being taken with respect to a child

In many cases we will try to negotiate these issues between divorce solicitors and clients but where they cannot be agreed, then recourse must be had to the courts. We are very happy to assist with any of these issues.

Contact Orders for Grandparents

Divorce can affect not only the parties but wider family. At Lloyd Platt & Co we pride ourselves with assisting grandparents with contact to their grandchildren. In the case of grandparents, it is possible to apply to court for contact but it is a two stage process with applying for the court’s permission in the first instance and then for an order for contact.

We have been extremely successful in obtaining contact between the families in particular for grandparents with grandchildren, aunts and uncles with their nephews and nieces and the wider family.

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