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Lloyd Platt & Co are a London-based divorce solicitors and experts in family law, children’s matters, civil partnership, co-habitation, financial settlement in divorce and pre and post nuptial settlements.

These matters require a very caring and understanding service which only comes with substantial experience. Operating from offices in London, the team of solicitors and lawyers at Lloyd Platt & Co have the right experience to make difficult times easier.

Leading Divorce Solicitors in London

Lloyd Platt & Co is one of the UK’s leading divorce lawyers and family law firms. Based in London, we pride ourselves upon our caring approach to all our clients. Going through the divorce can be a stressful experience for all parties concerned. At Lloyd Platt & Co our solicitors identify the most efficient strategy to make what can be the difficult divorce process easier. There is always a solution.

If you are concerned about advice regarding the financial settlement arising out of your divorce, civil partnership or cohabitation the experts at this firm can point you in the right direction.  Cohabitation cases are a very specialist area and pre-action protocols must be carefully followed.

In relation to children’s matters, it is vital that you are aware of what a court might order and the correct parameters for negotiations.  What is the right time to issue proceedings in relation to children and how can you successfully mediate to avoid the cost and stress of court proceedings?  These are issues that Lloyd Platt & Co deal with on a daily basis.

If you are thinking of entering into marriage or a second marriage, you may wish to protect your assets by the formulation of a prenuptial agreement.   Alternatively, in order to avoid divorce proceedings and to add certainty to any future risk of relationship breakdown you may wish to enter into a postnuptial agreement.  In either case, our experts will direct you in how to draw up such an agreement, the contents and how to ensure that the provisions are binding in English law.  What ever aspect of matrimonial or family disputes you might have, Lloyd Platt & Co are the first choice for most because we bring expertise and strategy to each case.

About The Firm

Lloyd Platt & Co represents individuals from all walks of life who find themselves in marital and family breakdowns. Our team of experienced family and divorce solicitors are here to give their expert advice an support.

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Home - Divorce Solicitor
Home - Divorce Solicitor


Lloyd Platt & Co, Matrimonial Solicitors have published the first Grandparents survey proving beyond doubt the difficulties facing over two million grandchildren and grandparents in the UK today whose relationship has been severed. It should be the right of every grandchild to have grandparents in their lives and for the relationship to be maintained

Why Choose Us

Hiring the right solicitor is one of the most important decisions you will make during the divorce proceedings. A good lawyer offers enormous benefit throughout the process; from helping you to understand potentially confusing documents to providing representation in court. They are there to answer your questions, explain what is happening at every stage, and get the best result possible for you and your children.

You will be working alongside the divorce lawyer for an extended period (usually months). As such, it’s vital that you feel comfortable and confident when talking to them.

All of our Solicitors are extremely experienced in their fields. They will formulate strategy for you throughout the case and be ready to answer your queries at all stages

Every firm is under a duty to explain how their charges work. At Lloyd Platt & Co. from the first meeting you will given an estimate of what you costs are likely to be and provided with our written terms and conditions.

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Thank you everyone at Lloyd Platt & Co for the support and expertise. The outcome surpassed all my expectations. Lloyd Platt & Co minimised the stress, kept me well informed and encouraged me throughout. Again – many thanks
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