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Divorce in Same Sex Marriage and Civil Partnership Dissolution

Civil Partnership Lawyers in London

If you are a same sex couple and wish to formalise your relationship, you can now either marry or register as a civil partnership. If you are worried about protecting your assets before entering into a marriage or a civil partnership, Lloyd Platt & Co. can provide the best advice for you on a pre-nuptial agreement or a pre-civil partnership agreement.

Dissolution of Civil Partnerships and Same Sex Marriages

Where there is a dissolution of a civil partnership or divorce in a same sex marriage, it is important to speak to us at the earliest stage to obtain proper advice.

The law on dissolving a civil partnership mirrors that of divorce law with one exception: you cannot petition upon the grounds of adultery. In the case of a same sex marriage, you can divorce relying on adultery but only where the adultery is with a person of the opposite sex. Your claims for all forms of financial help on dissolution are exactly the same as on a divorce between male and female spouses. Any children that you have during the marriage or civil partnership are treated in the same way as children of male and female married couples. This also applies to the rules on a pre-civil partnership agreement or a post-civil partnership agreement.

Our London-based civil partnership lawyers specialise in working through the dissolution of a civil partnership or same sex marriage. Our goal is to reach sensible and cohesive settlements and to deal with arrangements for the children both by way of agreement and if an agreement cannot be reached by taking the matter to court.

Contact our Civil Partnership Lawyers in London

Lloyd Platt & Co has some of London’s top civil partnership lawyers who can provide legal advice for you today. To make an enquiry please fill in our form, call us on 0208 343 2998 or click to contact us now.

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