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Road Traffic Lawyers London

Experienced Road Traffic Lawyers

At Lloyd Platt & Co we understand how important it is for our clients to retain their freedom to drive or to ensure that when a degree of criminal culpability must be accepted, any fines or penalty points imposed are kept to the bare minimum.

The Importance of Finding the Right Road Traffic Lawyers in London

Unlike a large number of current service providers in this market, we are qualified solicitors who advise and represent clients in person at our London offices and never online. We also have extensive experience conducting our own advocacy.

We advise and represent clients in all manner of driving allegations from relatively minor offences attracting fines or fixed penalty points to more serious, complex cases that involve obligatory disqualification periods and in some cases offences that carry custodial sentences.

Our expertise relate to the following areas of Motoring Law:

  • Speeding;
  • Drink driving;
  • Careless driving;
  • Dangerous driving;
  • Failing to stop and report an accident;
  • Driving without insurance;
  • Driving not in accordance with a licence;
  • Failing to furnish drivers details under s.172 Road Traffic Act 1988;
  • Taxi Touting;
  • Points Totting; and
  • Perverting the course of justice by means of point swapping.

We also advise and represent clients on re instating driving licences that have been revoked on medical grounds or due to old age or physical impairment.

Successfully advising on motoring cases can be complicated. This is because doing so ordinarily involves an in depth understanding of an ever changing legal landscape that can also be quite technical. As experienced road traffic lawyers, we understand how the system works in particular whether there may be any procedural errors in the manner in which evidence has been gathered pursuant to a prosecution, or whether there may be any technical defences available. We have established relationships with the leading expert witnesses such as toxicologists and accident reconstruction experts.

Our expert road traffic law lawyers take a common sense and practical approach to finding the best solution for our clients. For those facing the risk of incurring penalty points or even disqualification, we can help navigate the technical road traffic law framework.

Contact our Road Traffic Lawyers in London

To make an enquiry please fill in our form, call us on 0208 343 2998 or click to contact our London office and speak to our road traffic lawyers.

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