Domestic Violence

Most of us have seen the shocking images in the media this last week of the highly respected Mr Charles Saatchi with his hand around the throat of his widely admired celebrity wife Nigella Lawson.

It has long been recognised that the issues of domestic violence span all social classes and whilst often hidden behind closed doors can spill out into the public domain.  This serves simply to emphasise that domestic violence is a social problem and not just a private matter, which society as a whole must take a firm stand against.

The conclusion of the matter for Mr Saatchi has been a Police caution but just how effective a deterrent is a Police caution in such circumstances?

It is known that domestic violence is rarely an isolated incident and that over time violent behaviour can, if left unchecked, have a tragic outcome. At Lloyd Platt & Co, we are here to listen and we are here to help. We can offer the high quality support and assistance that we have become well known for and ultimately assist you in obtaining protection from the Court. It is most important that incidents of domestic violence are reported just as soon as possible to the Police and your GP and that action is taken as swiftly as possible to protect both the victim and their children from any further exposure to such behaviour.

It has been reported that on average a woman is assaulted thirty-five times before she calls the Police for help. This is startling. We understand that victims often feel embarrassment or shame and that this prevents them seeking the help and support that is available to them in the form of Non-molestation Orders, Criminal Restraining Orders, and Occupation Orders.

Whilst we appreciate that domestic violence is often difficult for victims to confront we offer a sympathetic ear and swift support and assistance. Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment today. Support and information is also available from the charity Women’s Aid

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