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When subject to a criminal investigation an individual is presented with a number of immediate challenges. The proceedings may result in serious harm being done to their reputation, the loss of their livelihood and in worst cases they may be deprived of their liberty and left in financial ruin.

In all cases from the simplest misdemeanors to allegations of murder, regardless of a person’s wealth or standing in community, it is important that a client receives the best possible legal advice from the outset so that their rights are protected and advanced as effectively as possible and the right strategy is adopted.

At Lloyd Platt & Co our dedicated London-based team of experienced criminal defence solicitors have years of expertise in advising and representing clients accused of committing all types of crimes. Our service covers all stages of proceedings from the initial investigation phase to representation in the Appellate Courts.

Our new Head of Criminal law Gary Conway has been involved in representing all manner of privately funded clients. These include individuals of fairly modest income, to large corporate entities based in London and throughout the UK, and those of extremely high net worth. He has built up a stellar reputation as a criminal defence solicitors, receiving acclaim for successfully assisting people navigate their way round the criminal justice system in all parts of the UK. Each success building on his profile.

Our Criminal Defence Expertise

The firm specialises in defending individuals accused of the following;

Our Approach to Criminal Defence Work

As a team, we work tirelessly to unravel the complexities of a particular case and to devise an appropriate strategy which gives the client the best possible chance of achieving the most favourable outcome.

We routinely prepare complicated cases involving the service of a large volume of prosecution material on different electronic platforms and cases where there are multiple defendants and overlapping legal elements.

We understand our clients are often vulnerable and extremely anxious when subjected to an intrusive criminal investigation. Our philosophy is to reassure them and put them at ease by providing clear, transparent advice at a fair price, in order to guide them smoothly through the process.

In addition to client care we are relentless in challenging authorities who may have treated our clients unfairly or not followed the law or procedure correctly. Put simply we leave no stone unturned. We routinely ensure cases are either reviewed, discontinued or stayed by the court in light of impropriety or misconduct by police or other prosecuting authorities, or in circumstances where they have proceeded on the wrong technical footing. Whether the SFO, FSA or specialist police forces we are a criminal defence firm whose reputation holds significant weight.

If a case proceeds to an effective trial we ensure all the evidence has been challenged appropriately and the client is given the best possible prospects of an acquittal.

In cases where the prospects of mounting a successful criminal defence to charges in their entirety is unrealistic, we seek alternative resolutions that will most effectively advance our clients best interests. Typically this will involve:

  1. Seeking a criminal caution or warning as an alternative to a criminal prosecution;
  2. Proposing a realistic plea arrangement;
  3. Drafting a realistic basis for entering a guilty plea; or
  4. Optimising mitigation and presenting this effectively.

We have an established relationship with experienced criminal defence barristers and expert witnesses across the country, it is through our previous experiences with them that we are able to identify the best expert for a particular type of client and case and a fair cost for their professional fees.

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