Vanessa Lloyd Platt appears on The Wright Stuff

Did you see Vanessa Lloyd Platt appearing on the Wright Stuff last Friday on a discussion about divorce? The programme debates whether there can ever be a happy divorce with Vanessa confirming that thousands of Lloyd Platt clients have had happy outcomes and that the media should refrain from emphasizing the negatives about a family split which is adding to the difficulty for couples, children and grandparents countrywide.

Anne Diamond who was also present participating in the programmed was of the view that all couples should undergo therapy both before and during divorce to aide smooth transition. She also confirmed that she was assisted during her divorce process by Vanessa Lloyd Platt who helped her cope with all aspects of transition and calmed her down.

Vanessa firmly advocates therapy for couples undergoing difficulties either to assist their marriage in staying together or to assist the divorce process.

Anthea Turner who also was part of the debate has written a book about “Life after Divorce”, further debated the issue. This feisty debate demonstrated that everyone has a perspective in a discussion about divorce including the panel, the audience and outside callers.

To Watch the episode from 21 July 2017 go to



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Lloyd Platt & Co Award Winning Law Firm

Lloyd Platt & Co are delighted to announce the latest awards won by the firm namely: – The ACQ5 Global Awards

1. UK Divorce Law Firm of the Year – Lloyd Platt & Co
2. UK Divorce Lawyer of the Year – Vanessa Lloyd Platt, Lloyd Platt & Co

The ACQ5 Global Awards were launched in 2005 and are now in their twelfth year and were the first of their kind in the global legal/financial publishing industry. Given the changing nature of the industry ACQ this year made fundamental changes to the categories in the ACQ5 Global awards to reflect these. The purpose of the changes were to focus on organisations and individuals that demonstrate an ability to deliver services and skills to meet client’s needs and to adapt to market and regulatory conditions, and to consider that candidates that may not always be global in scale but are truly world class in the way they are run and in the services, they deliver to clients.

ACQ5 Global Awards decisions are firmly based on peer nominations following the receipt of detailed submissions from market participants and extensive year-round research into the markets in all global regions. ACQ5 Global Awards cover global categories, best in class award and all regions of over 100 countries around the world. The voting closed at midday on 31st March 2017 and the number of nominations received stood at 83,121 representing a 37.6% response rate.

As Jake Robson, group editor of ACQ5 states “experts’ internet knowledge and expertise in the corporate, cultural, financial and legal arenas are redefining our industry.

The 2017 ACQ5 Global Award winners represent the best of breed in all industry sectors and have earned these honours by standing out in a group of very impressive finalists.”

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Jewish News Features Vanessa About Grandparents Rights

Grandparents are central to family life, they simply cannot be allowed to be the silent sufferers any longer. Accordingly, we call upon MP’s of all political parties and the media alike to assist with raising awareness of this important issue, the alternatives available and to press for leave of the Court to be shelved once and for all so that grandparents can be fully recognised and the vital role that they play in families today.

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Help for Pet Disputes

Are you having problems deciding where your pets should live after a family dispute, divorce or relationship breakdown? Lloyd Platt & Co specialise in Pet Resolution (PR) and can help resolve these issues together with you. Lloyd Platt & Co have drawn up the world’s first pet nuptial agreement that can deal with any aspect of future problems over pets and can help you come to a comprehensive agreement over these issues. Do not let your pets suffer in silence, Lloyd Platt & Co can help. For information contact either Vanessa Lloyd Platt or Cara Roberts on 0208 343 2998 or by email on

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Grandparents’ Silent Heartbreak

Grandparents have never been more needed than in this present era. During the last ten to fifteen years there has been a particular surge in grandparents being the preferred option to care for their grandchildren ahead of all other kinds of child care. Not only do grandparents provide care for their grandchildren but in many cases, they provide financial support to help their children on to the property ladder and can often assist in payment of school fees and other vital expenses for the grandchildren.

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Lloyd Platt & Co. Win Divorce and Separation Law Firm of the Year 2016

Lloyd Platt & Co. were delighted to accept ‘Divorce and Separation Law Firm of the Year’, awarded by Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2016.

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Publication in Lawyer Monthly

A recent article was published in Lawyer Monthly, featuring an interview with Vanessa Lloyd Platt regarding children in the divorce process. Within it, Vanessa addressed many common concerns which inviduals may have when going through a divorce or family dispute. The full article can be viewed here.

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Vanessa Lloyd Platt appears on Good Morning Britain

On 30 November, Vanessa Lloyd Platt appeared on Good Morning Britain to highlight the current discussions around changing the Divorce Law to having no fault based Divorce Petitions. You can watch Vanessa’s conversation with the Good Morning Britain team through this link:

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Changes to Current Divorce Law in UK

Vanessa Lloyd Platt appeared today on Good Morning Britain to talk about the push for changing the current divorce law to having no fault based Divorce Petitions. Having had a very interesting spat with Piers Morgan she then went on to the Houses of Parliament to lobby with other members of Resolution.

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Divorce Law Guide 2016

A piece written by Vanessa Lloyd Platt has been published in the Corporate Live Wire Divorce Law Guide 2016. You can view the publication here by entering the password DL2016, or download a PDF version.

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Never work with animals? – Pet nups are on the rise as exes seek clarity over ownership upon separation

The below article was published in the Solicitors Journal online on 18th November 2016. You can view the full article here.

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Lloyd Platt & Co awarded UK Divorce Law Firm of Year 2016

Lloyd Platt & Co were thrilled to announce today the firm’s award for Law Firm of the Year in Divorce Law for the United Kingdom.  The firm are recognised both nationally and internationally for their work as family practitioners and mediators.  Vanessa Lloyd Platt, Director, regularly blogs for the Huffington Post and the firm are leaders in all areas of family law with Director Vanessa Lloyd Platt, regularly appearing in all parts of the media to deal with immediate and pressing family issues and commenting on celebrity divorces.

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No default Bill to be put before Parliament on Friday 13 May

Divorce lawyers countrywide were bristling with anticipation in January 2016 for the second reading of the “no fault divorce” bill which was introduced by Richard Bacon MP. Due to the previous session of Parliament being so jammed full of other matters the reading was postponed. This will be before Parliament on Friday 13 May. Some politicians are suggesting that this will be very unlucky for marriages generally if it is passed.

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Celebrity Marriages Last Just 7.4 Years on Average

Research from celebrity divorce lawyer Vanessa Lloyd-Platt, to mark the launch of new truTV show ‘Fatal Vows’ , shows that celeb marriages are 75% shorter than the national average, and are twice as likely to get divorced.

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To Leave or Not to Leave?

As Boris Johnson declared for Brexit two weeks ago, ie his support for Britain leaving the Eurozone, little could he have envisaged the knock on effect of this? Whilst it was predictable that such a political heavyweight, giving his support to such contention might affect currency and shares (this because of the added uncertainty of the British position in leaving the security of the Eurozone) what no one for saw was its impact elsewhere. Put simply, divorce lawyers country wide want to hug Boris because of the overwhelming influx of divorce and cohabitation cases as a consequence.

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The case of Francoise Rapp v David Rapp: Client wins £7.4 divorce pay-out

In the recent case of Francoise Rapp v David Rapp, we are exceedingly pleased on behalf of our client Francoise Rapp that the correct decision was made by the Court of Appeal in this matter. You can view the judgement on our reported cases page.

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Can I protect my interests prior to a divorce?

The cardinal rule is: don’t leave the house [in the event of relationship breakdown]. Doing so puts the other party in the driving seat. Try to get together as much legitimate paperwork as you can. Often, people come in with bags of stuff we are not allowed to look at because it has not been legitimately gained. If you go through your husband’s text messages or briefcase and take papers, they cannot be used. There are strict boundaries. Be aware of what his assets might be, what you have in your savings, and so forth. But do not panic about what you don’t know – 99 per cent of women have no idea what their partners earn. Don’t feel foolish or silly; this is normal. Be vigilant: as soon as credit cards are closed down, hotfoot it to the solicitor. Money being moved out of a joint account should ring alarm bels.

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If we split up, what are Fido’s legal rights?

Our director and senior Divorce Solicitor, Vanessa Lloyd Platt, was delighted to write an article for The Jewish Chronical on the revolutionary Pet-Nup. Read the full article here.

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