Child Support Lawyers

Lloyd Platt & Company deals with a substantive number of children issues from simple contact to complex child care cases and residence disputes. There are a substantive number of cases that have regularly been referred to this firm when the father's contact has been unreasonably withheld and orders, including penal orders, have been obtained to protect their relationship with the children.

Lloyd Platt & Company also works closely with the Equal Parenting Council in relation to their new innovative policies and with the issue of shared residence. Our family solicitors work with specialist children Counsel and are well known within the Courts all over England and Wales for our methodical and sensible approach to these issues.

Child care solicitors

Lloyd Platt & Company deals with issues involving children in both England and Wales and involving an international element and including where and with whom the children should live, when and how often they should see their non resident parents or extended members of the family and where and how they should be educated.

Where relevant, the parties are referred to mediation, therapy or Relate. Our approach is to find an appropriate solution for all of the family.

At Lloyd Platt & Co you will find our divorce solicitors and family lawyers are experts in adoption, children's matters, civil partnerships, co-habitation, domestic violence, financial settlements on divorce and pre-nuptial agreements.

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